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A woman participates in Firm FIT, The Firm's unique training offering

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FIRM FIT is our most life-changing program. Over 8 weeks, we’ll work together to turn body fat into lean muscle. With over 15 years and 900+ participants’ successes under our sweat bands, our uniquely structured program is customized to work for each individual. From daily meal planning to strength training and sports stretching, come find out how this program can become your game-changer.

A diverse approach

This is a mind-body wellness program with exercise, meal-planning, goal setting— the works.

A Set Schedule

Once you commit, your session time is as locked in as your kettlebell swings. No rescheduling or guessing when we’ll meet next.

A Small Group

We keep FIRM FIT small, so we can tailor this program to your goals and needs — it’s that simple.

Start your FIT journey today.

Learn more about FIRM FIT and discuss your goals with Neil to find out if the FIRM FIT program is right for you.

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FIT For All

Forever FIT
Diane E.

As my husband and I were coming upon our 50th wedding anniversary, I took a second look at my health. I’ve watched older female relatives become immobile later in life and know I’m that next generation, so I wanted to break that cycle. When I started FIRM Fit, the supportive greetings from staff and trainers and teammates made me feel welcome every day. I found camaraderie and an energy at The FIRM that recharged and enlightened my spirit while helping me get healthy. And after the FIRM FIT, my doctor told me to keep doing what I’m doing because I’d increased my life expectancy! He wished more of his patients would follow this path, and I couldn’t agree more. 

Result: I lost 19 lbs. of body fat & 4.5 in. from my waist
Confidence FIT
Yvette G.

I literally hated getting dressed every day and went from working out 4-6 times a week with one cheat day to zero workouts and a steady diet of vanilla creme cookies and donuts. Joining this program, where I knew my trainer and small group were expecting me, was just the push I needed to eliminate all my excuses. When I started, I was unable to complete my full FIT initial assessment because of pain from my hip bursitis. But after a few sessions, the bursitis cleared up and my weekly doctor visits went away. It’s amazing what a regular routine of exercise and stretching can do to heal your body.

Result: I lost 15 lbs and 3 in. from my waist
Wedding FIT
Matthew A.

I had 6 months before my wedding and was probably the heaviest and most out-of-shape I’d ever been. I realized that I didn’t want to look back on pictures with a sense of disappointment, so I needed to make a drastic change. I’d tried different diets and self-guided workouts in the past, but nothing really took. I was looking for something regimented and intense. When I talked with Neil about FIRM FIT, I knew right away that this program would be right for me. So, I signed up and haven’t looked back since. How I think about food and how to get the proper balance of macronutrients was one of the biggest daily changes I’ve made. It was totally worth it.

Result: I lost 17 lbs. and gained 11 lbs. of muscle
Athletic FIT
Kaylee P

I’m retired D1 college athlete, so I know how to workout and live a healthy lifestyle, but once I graduated and was no longer playing, my routine obviously changed. Over time, I gained about 30 pounds and even with dieting and working out, I wasn’t able to lose the weight because I wasn’t living a holistically healthy life. Signing up for FIRM FIT was the best decision I ever made. I’ve completed this program a few times now, and it’s meant the world to me. It gave me my confidence back, and I feel, look, and perform like an athlete again.  My happiness has improved and my relationships with others have improved. I have so much energy and passion now, and I owe it all to FIRM Fit. 

Result: Since my first FIRM FIT, I’ve lost 40lbs. and 4.5 in. from my waist

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