Personalized Training

Get undivided attention.

Designed to meet you where you are and get you going. This simple, straightforward approach pairs you with an expert trainer that uses the vast landscape of The Firm’s offerings as well as fitness and wellness services to personally address your goals. Our designated training space ensures you’ll always have more than enough room for one session, or a long-term training situation.

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A personal trainer at The Firm works with a small group session of training clients
Kelly Miyamoto, The Firm's in-house personal training expert

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The Firm’s very own maestro of personalized training, Kelly will find the perfect trainer and workout regimen for you or your group to customize a one-of-a-kind session or exercise schedule.

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A woman participates in Firm FIT, The Firm's unique training offering

Firm FIT


Through fitness and education, this 50-session personal training experience has been delivering results for 15+ years. So, if you’re looking for a complete mind-body game-changer, this is it!

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A group of students participate in small group training at The Firm

Small Group

$40 per person/session

Teamwork makes for a dream workout with a private training class for your workout troop. 

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Two students participate in two-on-one training at The Firm


$45–$65 per person/session

Bring a friend/partner and bond through the power of tailored exercise with a trainer to boost your duo. 

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woman coaching one on one


$75–$100 per session

Find yourself with the full attention of your trainer in a personal workout all to yourself. Pricing is trainer specific. 24-session packs available at $5/session discount.

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