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FIRM Member Moments

Here at The FIRM, we pride ourselves on the community we’ve created. The FIRM Family is a diverse group of leaders who support one another in health and fitness. Everything we do is driven by pride, passion and love. When you show up to work out, you know you’ll be accepted exactly as you are. We’re all about bringing out the best in each other, every single day. This is what makes us unique and why we’ve been around for over 33 years.

We reached out to a few of our members to find out about their Firm Journey. Here’s what they said:

I recently rejoined the FIRM after moving back to the Twin Cities after 14-years and it is better than ever. While living in other cities, I have struggled to find the same caliber of instructors, breadth of classes, and positive community spirit that I grew up with at the FIRM as an awkward freshman in high school.

One of my biggest challenges in fitness has been self-doubt and insecurity. As with many people, I am my greatest critic. Since rejoining in October, the kindness and passion of both the instructors and the clients at the FIRM have made me feel both accepted and driven to push myself and my body to new levels. The unique variety of classes from restorative yoga to CrossFit help me find the balance between mobility, strength, and endurance. For the first time in a fitness community, I have the tools, support, and motivation to honor myself by challenging it and allowing it to just be.


I’m 70 years old; see if you can pass me on the leaderboard!

I think there are 3 big reasons for joining the FIRM:

(1) There is a wide diversity of classes. You can start with Yoga, indoor cycling, or CrossFit and then you move on to Intervals, Bag Boxing or Barre. The diversity of classes means that there is always something new to try. Your next class isn’t at another gym; it’s already here.

(2) The quality of instructors is just excellent! They are friendly, dedicated, informed and most especially inspired. Resisting their enthusiasm is futile. The friendly quality of the instructors and staff should be stressed. Nearly everyone at the front desk will know your name within the first week. And they make it easy to remember their names because there are pictures of the instructors and staff on the hallway and on the web site.

(3) There is a kind, out-going community at the FIRM. The best discoveries at the FIRM are exploring other member’s artistries and passions. Hidden behind those sweaty, hard working bodies are pianists, vocal artists, thespians, vineyard growers, DJs and social workers (to name just a few).

And then there are so many small reasons for joining the FIRM: ample free parking, smoothie bar, retail store, personal training, open gym, massage, and stunning floral designs at the front door.

And remember, I’m 70 years old; see if you can pass me on the leaderboard!

Fritz Lott

a very happy FIRM member

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