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Badass of the Week: Jamie and Bradley

Our vibrant community is founded on love. We are celebrating that love with a series of stories of different couples in our crew, starting with Jamie and Brad. They met in Doug’s vintage class, and they’ve been smitten for 8 years (and we’re smitten with them)! They let us in on their secret to success in love, in food, and more.

1/ We know, it’s always the first question, but how did you two meet?

Jamie: At the old Firm in the back row of Doug’s step class. He thought my homegirl was my girlfriend for months until Doug (thankfully) outed me one Saturday morning. There was a facebook message waiting for me when I got home. I squealed with excitement. The rest is history.

Bradley: We met in the back row of Doug’s step aerobics class in 2009. We were step neighbors!

2/ What was your first date like? Was there love in the air?

Jamie: Went out for a great dinner, walked around the lake, smooched on a park bench, then out for ice cream. Best 1st date EVER.

Bradley: There was definitely a love for FOOD in the air. We went for dinner at Quang and then for ice cream and a walk. 

3/ How does your partner inspire you?

Jamie: He is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. He’s an eternal optimist, super smart, crazy creative and a really good cook.

Bradley: He isn’t afraid to grow as a person and a partner. Plus, he’s always open to trying something new, which helps keep our relationship from becoming too routine or comfortable. . 

4/ You’re regulars around here on 2nd ave, how has working out together impacted your relationship?

Jamie: The Firm is our church, therapy and home away from home. It’s a necessity to get to the gym for our physical/mental health, and we support that in each other 100%. We have some amazing people are in our lives because of the Firm and our lives are richer and filled with more love because of it.

Bradley: It keeps us healthy, both physically and emotionally. And the relationships we’ve made with people at the Firm have definitely made us stronger.

5/ What inspired you to pick The Firm as your Fitness home?

Jamie: I didn’t pick it actually – a friend of mine tried convincing me to go for months. I finally caved to the peer pressure, came in for my “free week”, took Laura Robertson’s spin class, and never left.

Bradley: A good friend joined and I followed. I ended up staying because of the community. Both staff and clients are an unending source of energy, motivation and friendship.

6/ How long have you been together?

Jamie: Almost 8 years.

Bradley: It will be eight years in May!

7/ Hand in hand with that, what have you learned about love during your relationship?

Jamie: I realized that I had a lot of rules, “plans” and defense mechanisms that had served their purpose. I didn’t need them anymore. My fave quote – “We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Bradley: Love is all about patience. And knowing when to keep your mouth closed. ? 

We LOVE you two! Thanks for being such a bright example of love in our community. Big <3!

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