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Do you have a favorite workout buddy?

Research shows the healthy actions of others rub off on us! Do you have a favorite workout buddy? Research shows that with a workout buddy you will push yourself harder, get a competitive edge, capitalize on endorphins, diversify your workouts, and find support & accountability! Over here at The Firm we believe in workout buddies so much we created the referral program! Bring your favorite workout buddy who’s brand new to The Firm in, they’ll fall in love with the Firm and buy a Do It All Membership, and YOU get a month on us! We’ve got some pretty epic workout buddies in our crew, and two of them are Nick and Matt. We recently interviewed them about why they love working out together, check it out below!

1/Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Matt: I’m originally from the Baltimore, MD area but moved up here about 3 years ago for my job in sales with General Mills.  When I first moved up north, I lived in the North Loop for a year but found that I was in the NE a lot, so bought a place there.  I’m a big sports fan, specifically Baltimore sports (Go Ravens!) and love the MN restaurant/bar scene.  I’m passionate about traveling and seeing the world, but enjoy a trip back East to see family and friends too. 

Nick: I’m originally from Philadelphia, PA and also moved here around 3 years ago after my wife got a job with 3M. With what I do for a living, I can work anywhere, so we made the decision to move to the Midwest. I love to play hockey and golf, so moving to Minnesota was a pretty great stroke of luck . Along with Matt, I’m a huge foodie and love the breweries and restaurants in the area. I’m also an amateur photographer, and enjoy spending time outside, riding around on my bike, and taking pictures of different things around the city.

2/ How does your workout buddy motivate you?

Matt: Nick motivates me with his work ethic.  He gives 100% every workout we do and it pushes me to give a little extra than I would on my own. 

Nick: Matt is one of the best natural teachers that I know. If you could be doing something better, he genuinely wants to make sure that happens, and always finds a way to point it out without making you feel like you’re doing something wrong. It keeps me focused on not only giving it my best, but making sure I’m doing it the right way.

3/ What is your favorite class/workout to do together?

Matt: Boxing with Lori, it’s the best.  A great work out and Lori’s an incredible teacher.  I wish she had weekday evening classes!

Nick: Matt said it best – Boxing with Lori, it’s the best. A great work out and Lori’s an incredible teacher. I wish she had weekday evening classes!

Thanks so much for sharing your story Nick and Matt! We love having you in our crew!

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