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Meet Bryce Jermain and Family


June is a big month over here at The Firm. It’s PRIDE month, as well as Father’s Day! To celebrate BOTH, our badass is Bryce Jermain, FIRM family member and the owner of Bryce Jermain salon!

Read what Bryce has to say about PRIDE and The Firm below:

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your path and how you landed here at the Firm, in Minneapolis?

B: I came to the Firm Minneapolis almost 20 years ago to “exercise”….and I definitely got my ass kicked! Exercise evolved into routine…which evolved into habit…which evolved into the intrinsic element in what defines me as a person.

I live my life in the belief that balancing your Relationship/Home with Work/Career and Self/Mental/Physical add up to a healthy and happy existence.  I have deemed this the 30% rule. Give 30% to your relationships….30% to your career…and 30% to YOU. The other 10% you ask? Use it where you need it most! It’s definitely a complicated balancing act…which is where the Firm fits in.

The Firm has become my secret power tool in balancing life and taking care of my mental and physical being. It has become my safe place where I grow my body and my mind. Through the tools I’ve learned in Cycle and Strength and Yoga… I have evolved into a stronger and healthier man.


Q: Have you ever been a part of The Firm’s PRIDE Float?

B: I have not technically had the honor of riding the Firm Pride float but have definitely experienced the sense of support and community that the Firm helps to celebrate.

In my mind, The Firm Tribe and all it stands for is the definition of Pride: Open arms to all! Inclusiveness to all shapes, sizes, colors, ethnic backgrounds, man, woman, and everything in between. And yes….sexual orientations, too!

I can define the feeling of PRIDE in one Firm memory. On a cycle, spinning so fast but going nowhere… “WE ARE FAMILY” exploding out of the speakers…surrounded by good friends, family, and tribe! I’m sweaty, out of breath and covered with goosebumps all at the same time. Bottle that up and wrap it in a rainbow ribbon! Because THAT is definitely the feeling of PRIDE.

Q: What is one of your favorite PRIDE memories?

B: I’ve had 36 years of Pride Memories but the very first one will always stand out for me as life changing…

For this 20-year-old small town gay boy Bryce, it opened my eyes to my community! It was the beginning, as it is for many young people, of replacing fear and insecurity with confidence and pride! Being enveloped and welcomed into a community that you thought only existed in the movies and on the news. The parade, music, costumes and crowds all send the strong message that we are all in this together. We can all march with our heads up high with PRIDE!

I was also blessed that first year with having the privilege of marching in the parade with my now husband and our two young daughters. Perhaps someday I’ll do the same with our four grandchildren!


Q: If you could tell someone one thing about PRIDE in Minneapolis, what would it be?

B: Pride has evolved in my lifetime. I define it as a celebration. It’s a celebration of the journey of how far we have come. We have watched the evolution of LGBTQ equality.  We have watched the struggle and triumph of marriage equality. And in my lifetime, most importantly as a tribe, we have fought the daunting and horrible AIDS epidemic. Through the loss of way too many friends and loved ones, we came out on the side of education, awareness, and successful treatment.

Minneapolis wraps its supportive and loving arms around the LGBTQ community and it definitely shows at PRIDE….from the bridges to the high rises…rainbows galore…


We LOVE you Bryce! Happy PRIDE AND Happy Father’s Day.


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