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Badass Of The Week: Stacey C.

If you’ve ever been into The Firm, you know our community is chalk full of badasses! You all inspire us every single day. This week we’re highlighting firm family member Stacey Christenson! You might have seen her handstanding up in our yoga studio, get to know Stacey below!

1/ What was your favorite way to move as a kid?

S: Sitting still was not my forte, so as long as I was in motion, I was happy. My grandma signed me up for Gymnastics when I was 3 and I practiced intensely for about 10 years until my wrists and ankles reached their limit. I also loved to dance. Still do!

2/ What landed you in Minneapolis?

S: The desperate need to join civilization! I grew up in a teeny tiny town in Northern Minnesota and headed to Minneapolis pretty much immediately after high school to pursue my education and career in what felt to me, like the big city. Now that I’ve been here for 15ish years, it no longer seems as big as it once did, but it definitely feels like home.

3/ What brought you to The Firm for the first time, and what was that visit like?

S: I was at a place in my life where I felt very disconnected from myself. I hadn’t worked out in years and I thought that if I lost 5-10 pounds, I’d instantly feel better. Initially I went to a few hip hop dance classes and eventually I bought a Yoga Groupon. I had gone to few yoga classes at another gym, in my early 20s and literally hated every second of it. Despite my prior experience, I decided I’d give yoga a 2nd shot. I started going to Laura Robertson’s classes on a regular basis and almost immediately, things started to click. Even though I didn’t have the physical strength to do the movements right away, they made sense to me. From there it was just a matter of my body catching up with my mind. At some point, I stopped caring about my weight and what my body looked like and started focusing instead on the progress I was feeling with my strength and mobility.

4/ What keeps you coming back to us over here on 2nd ave, and how has that affected your daily life?

S: Well, aside from my addiction to handstands… it’s really just the desire to make my mental and physical well being a priority. Nothing feels better to me than walking into that warm studio and unrolling my mat at the beginning or end of a long day. To have an hour everyday to be free from my own thoughts/outside distractions and allow myself the time and space to slow down, be present and reconnect has been the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. One of my favorite yoga sayings talks about how yoga is like music, in the way that there is no end to it, just constant transformation. In my day to day life, I find that it’s become easier to advocate for myself without feeling guilty, I’m much less reactive to things I can’t control and I’m a better person to the people around me because I’m taking care of myself first.

5/What is one thing you want everyone to know about The Firm?

S: It’s unparalleled, on all accounts. From the second you walk in the door, the high standards of this place are glaringly obvious. The front desk staff is kind and welcoming, the facilities are spotless, and the instructors are next level incredible. Each of them has something unique to offer and I feel so lucky I’ve had the opportunity to incorporate their teachings into my own practice. Beyond the staff, I’ve met some pretty phenomenal people over the course of the last 2 years. I believe that energy is contagious and it’s inspiring to be surrounded by other people who are doing great things for themselves as well. Prior to finding the Firm, I spent my whole adult life feeling like working out was a punishment. I finally see it for what it truly is… a reward, and for that, I’m forever grateful!

We LOVE you Stacey and Firm Family!

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