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Over 15 years ago, we put together The Firm FIT program with the collaboration of trainers, instructors, teachers and nutritionists.
The objective was to create a program that taught people how to change the shape of their body by increasing lean muscle and allowing the body to use fat for fuel. Our goal was to provide personalized information about exercise and food so people can make healthy decisions. Then extend that personalized information into areas like sleep, alcohol, stress, hormones and other variables to achieve overall health, wellness and fitness goals.
The other objective was to put all this information in one place and roll it out in a logical, easy-to-understand format, over an 8-week period.
I have been facilitating Firm FIT since 2003. My education is in finance, and work experience in the software industry. My last corporate projects were related to “change management” within large organizations. Originally from San Diego, I moved to San Francisco and worked in Silicon Valley in the 90’s and came to Minneapolis for a short-term project with a small “start-up” software company. Met a Minnesota girl… so much for a “short-term project”. That girl is Kelly Miyamoto. Kelly is the founder of The Firm, which she started in 1986. Kelly is now my boss, business partner, wife and best friend.
I look forward to working with you over the next eight weeks. Sincerely,
Neil Miyamoto
Firm FIT Facilitator

Our New Director of Personal Training, Somer K.
Somer Kvale
I have been at The FIRM since I was 19 years old. So, 5 years. JK Its been 24 years this fall. (Insert dinosaur joke here).
One of the many things I love about working with FIRM FITTERS is the opportunity to teach movement from the ground up with every session. Watching groups grow in strength and connect with one another is also very rewarding. It’s a powerful 8 weeks I get the honor of sharing and I love being a part of the FIRM FIT journey.
There are 2 important factors I try to emphasize to my FIRM FIT groups. The first is to maximize the nutrition portion of the program. Neil is such a huge resource and useful tool to have at your disposal. I stress that you utilize it fully. The second most important message is to treat yourself and your body with thoughts of kindness and patience. This is often a huge shift in lifestyle and bodies need time to adapt and respond.
Motivation is pretty simple for me. I want longevity. And the best way I can attempt to secure an abundance of health-filled years with my friends and family is to take care of my mind, body and soul. We only get one shot and I want to make sure I’m doing my part.
Sincerely, Somer Kvale
Kyle Ohleman
Hello Firm FITters – My name is Kyle Ohleman. I have a background in CORE, Personal and MMA training.
I’ve been working with Fitters for over 10 years! It has been a great journey.
What I like about FIT: I like seeing everyone make life changes for the better. Breaking out of the grind. Discovering something new. It keeps people accountable.
I’m a dog person. I’m an Artist. Creator of things from time to time.
Keys to success: Trust the process, Humility. Talk to each other. Make new friends. Be observant, One of the ways we learn is through observation.
I’m self driven. I surround myself with those who push me. I understand the importance of exercise and what it means to my quality of life. I keep it simple. Gym buddies.
Motivation: Keep it simple, no unnecessary complications. Look for something or someone that will inspire you. Maybe that one Instagram account that triggers: “Yup, I guess i’m going to workout now!” It’s OK to be a little narcissistic.
If you are in my group and can not make it, please text me at 612-396-4513. I would like to know you are ok and give you homework.
My name is Kristin (Kiki) Regnier. I have been a Firm Fit Trainer since 2003 and with The Firm since 1990. I started as a client and fell in love with it when I took my very first class. Two years later (with a lot of hard work) I was hired to to work the desk and 6 months later I was teaching and working full time. My job has evolved into Fitness Coach in multiple areas and I love it.
I grew up all over Minnesota and in 1985 moved to Minneapolis and never looked back. My acadamic focus was in Nutrition at The U Of M and I have always had a passion for movement, athletics and music which is what led me to group fitness classes and teaching them. These classes have so much contagious energy, motivation, community and soul. I started personal training in 1996.
My family life is my other passion. I have a son who is 19 and a freshman at The U of M and a daughter 16 who is a Junior in High School. We have our amazing dog Trixie who shows us unconditional love and lessons to learn from everyday.
Firm Fit is an incredible program and it’s an honor to be on the training team. It’s a journey that guides you through life changing habits. A couple of successful tips I can offer is to plan ahead daily/weekly.
 Organize your gym bag(clothes, shoes, water bottle, heart rate monitor, work clothes , etc.) the night before. Plan your meal options, even if it’s in your head, for the next day.
If you miss a day unplanned, don’t let that start a streak. It’s okay, take the rest that you probably need and then put it out of your head, it’s a new day tomorrow.  Having said that, it’s really important to listen to your body and plan when to go to bed.
These are the things that help me to be efficient and motivated!!
You are doing great!! You are surrounded by an amazing team and we are all here for you!
On that note, please text me at 612-715-0949 if you are going to miss a session.
Hello Firm Fitters – I am excited to meet you, work with you and go through this journey together.
Today, Leon’s deep passion for teaching, coaching and fitness is fed in the studio and CrossFit room. Leon coaches Teen CrossFit, CrossFit, APT and FIT Intervals.
Leon also works at the front desk. Leon is ambitious, creative and enthusiastic with a desire to be a strong leader. He is client minded and wants Firm clients to have a great experience.
Leon has his CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Running certifications and his ACSM Personal Training Certificate. He is an Ultra-distance runner and marathon runner, former cross country and Track and Field star. He has been involved with EP soccer club and the University of Minnesota Nordic Ski Club, participating in the Loppet, pre-Birkie and other Hyland Ski races.
If you can not make it to one of our scheduled workouts, please text me at 763-269-1760
I honored and grateful for the opportunity to work with you in FIRM FIT.

TJ McNiff

My name is TJ and I grew up in Roseville, Minnesota. I joined my first gym when I was 19 years old. Since then, I’ve been addicted to fitness. When I’m not at The FIRM, I have 8-year old twin boys that I love hanging out with. We enjoy playing sports like football and baseball.
I’ve been working with FIRM FIT since 2005. The best part about FIRM FIT is helping people transform their bodies, minds, and relationships with others and themselves. I also love seeing the friendships and communities that form throughout the 8 weeks of FIRM FIT. It’s amazing to see these relationships extend well after the program is over.
The people who are the most successful in FIRM FIT are the ones with accountability and self-discipline, especially when it comes to food. Focus on how bad you want the results. This will keep you going when you’re tempted to slack off.
Please text me at 612-990-6388 if you need to miss a session.
TJ McNiff

Mike Olson – Hello – My background. I began a career in distribution/logistics. For a 12 year period I was an expat setting up distribution centers in 9 countries.

In 2014 received an elite kettle bell certification from Pavel, then in 2016 i received my CrossFit Level 1 Certification.
-In 2015 I left the logistics company and began working at the Firm as a front desk manager and personal trainer and FIRM FIT trainer.
-In addition to my passion for kettle bells and fitness, I enjoy cooking, family, friends, and occasionally racing cars at local driving events.
I really love working with the Fitters. It’s amazing to see them develop strength, learn healthy nutritional choices, develop confidence, and meet goals. It’s also nice to assist them with post FIT planning . On Tuesdays and Thursday they have the opportunity to join our 6am Small Group training sessions. After getting conditioned through the 8 weeks, it a great way for them to continue moving forward with their fitness.
Keys to Success. 1)  Just show up! Don’t miss a day.
                            2)  Make good choices. Really try to prioritize your fitness, nutrition, and rest. They are all integral to a healthy lifestyle.
I find inspiration in people around me, both clients and colleagues! Set your goals, believe in yourself, and achieve!
Please text me at 612-581-7278 if you are going to miss a session.
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