Instructor Spotlight

Instructor Spotlight: Laura V.

If you’ve been to The Firm, odds are you already know this badass. We couldn’t be MORE stoked to have Laura Van Bellinger in our crew. If you’ve trained with her, or been to any of her classes you know why. She’s an inspiration machine, and she kicks your butt in the best way. Read on to get to know our badass and treasured Firm Family member LVB!
1/ When you were a kid what was your absolute favorite way to move?
-A Front walk over to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

2/ What was your inspiration to become a part of the Fitness community?
-When I was in college I was trying to avoid gaining the freshman 15… so I signed up for the rec sports aerobic classes. From there I spent my next Summer working for a fitness studio and gym teaching to Cindy Lauper. Next onto Spa Petite, which was a women’s only gym in the 80s. We were required to wear a danskin black long sleeve scooped leotard with a sheer black skirt and heels. Then I made it big when I tried out for the sweatshop, which was located where Lurcat is today, at the age of 19 and was one of the youngest people to teach there, at the time. Bandanas, shiny leotards took me places… Went onto the Firm 5 years later and I am still here today!

3/ What was your first time into The Firm like? –Well I had been teaching aerobics at the Sweatshop for five years and heard about the FIRM so I decided to finally take a class. I went to the small original studio on Harmon Place. It was bumping with loud fun music and friendly people wearing very little clothing, especially Doug… I took a funk class which was amazing. That got me hooked!

4/ What is one thing you would want everyone to know about The Firm? –There is something for everyone at the FIRM.

5/ Last but not least, what’s one thing you cannot live without? –My family, I have a husband and two kids. But also, life balance. I think I am a better wife, better mom, better instructor, better trainer, when I am able to have a good balance of all!

We LOVE YOU LVB! If you haven’t been to one her classes yet, walk, run, cab, drive, HOWEVER you get there, just get there. Trust us, it’s going to rock.

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