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Why It Is Always a Great Day at The FIRM

Why is it always a great day at The Firm?

There’s an undeniable, positive energy here. You can see it in big, smiling faces. You can hear it in encouraging words and laughter. You can feel the intensity lift you up…

You may be wondering, “Why is it always a great day at The Firm?”

For starters, The Firm, originally an aerobics studio got its start in 1986. Running a successful business is no easy feat for anyone. And the past 33 years has definitely had its challenges. But what’s kept the dream alive for so long is a combination of passion, hard work, and a whole lot of love from an incredible community.

Since the beginning, founders Kelly Miyamoto, Teri McLean and David Gray have incorporated large doses of fun and meaning into The Firm’s mission. From the Crystal Light Aerobic Championship to epic Halloween parties, a half-time performance during a Harlem Globetrotters game, the MN Aids Walk, and award-winning floats in the Twin Cities Pride Parade, we’re turned on by making a difference and making it entertaining.

We know if you want to be extraordinary, you can’t be ordinary, and we’re anything but. More than ever, there’s confusion about what makes people exceptional. We’re constantly blasted with filtered pictures and fluffy posts on social media. They can fool us into thinking there’s a standard for perfection. True greatness means being authentically yourself. To be genuinely great is to be vulnerable and real. It requires showing up as you are, putting in above average work, and loving yourself through it all. What makes greatness easier, is having a community of likeminded people surrounding and supporting you. Wherever you are, your Firm Family wants to help you achieve your unique version of greatness.

Our goal is to lead you on a journey in living your best life. You may walk through our doors feeling worried or stressed. We hope that by looking you in the eyes and greeting you by name, your spirits begin to rise. When you walk into the studio and hear the music pumping, we want you out of your head and into your amazing body. A few minutes into your movement practice, you’re present and passionate about what you’re doing. And by the time you leave The Firm, we like to think you’re now having a great day, too.

When you’re having a great day, you naturally inspire others to enjoy their lives, too. This positive, ripple effect is in the DNA of The Firm. We believe one life really can make a difference. And together, we can change a lot of lives…for the better.

Truth is, The Firm isn’t just a gym. It’s history in the making. And your participation in cycle, crossfit, yoga, personal training or any other activity you do here means you’re making history, too…simply by working out. We are so incredibly thankful you’ve decided to be part of our movement, in both senses of the word. And that is why it is always a great day at The Firm.

By: Greta Ertl

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