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Market Comparison

Firm Market Comparison


With a membership at The Firm you get:


Flexibility – One membership gives you access to multiple workout options. Do Cycle, CrossFit, Yoga, APT, Boxing, Pilates, Barre, Vintage Aerobics, Circuit Training, Dance or run on a treadmill with one membership.

Free parking – Plan your schedule down to the second knowing you always have a parking spot. This saves you time, money and stress.

Free towels – In past we used to charge for the towels, now they are included with your membership.

Single location strategy – Striving for a unique fitness experience, a rich workout schedule taught by experienced professionals that want to get to know you.

Locker rooms and showers – Not all Yoga, Cycle, CrossFit places have a shower or locker room.

Friendly dedicated desk staff – We are here to ensure you have a great experience. Not all Yoga, Cycle, CrossFit places have people dedicated to your customer service needs.


Firm Market Comparison


Firm CrossFit Pricing Notes:

Original Firm CrossFit pricing was $240 for 3 On-Ramp Sessions then $179 + $13.61 tax = $188.61 total.

Promotion – We have been running a promotion that bundled CrossFit classes with “Do It all Unlimited” membership. This is now over.

Starting 3/1/19 – Firm CrossFit is $150 per month. (Unlimited Classes $135 + CrossFit Add-on $15.00)

Since the last price increase Lindsay and your CrossFit team have increased the size of the room, added Rogue Rig stalls, added SugarWod, added 3 rd Party WOD programming, invested in more rowing machines, Dumbbells, Assault Bikes and Kettlebells.

Additionally, items unique to FIRM CrossFit are things like friendly client service people at a front desk, free parking, locker room showers, towels, and your CrossFit membership gives you access to other classes like Yoga, APT, Cycle and gym use. Plus, the CrossFit space is available anytime between 5:00AM and 9:00PM when classes are not in session. Most CrossFit boxes are open when class is in session then they close when class is over.

We appreciate your patronage, thank you for your understanding and participation.
* Market comparison information from respective websites on 2/3/19

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