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Dynamic Power at The FIRM

“What the heck is Dynamic Power and why is it THE workout to try right now? ”

An interview with Laura Robertson

First things first, why did you create Dynamic Power?

~When I first created Dynamic Power, I was coaching CrossFit and teaching yoga at the same time. I loved both, but wanted to combine them by using mobility and functional movements. My idea was to move from goal or time-based workouts to a party style workout. In Dynamic Power, we awaken the original Firm Feel because this resembles a traditional studio class feel like Circuit Training or Vintage Aerobics. DP is for those who want an energetic workout that builds strength and flexibility.

To someone who’s never tried Dynamic Power before, how would you describe it?

~Imagine a mix of yoga, dance and body weight training choreographed to fresh beats. Many of the movements are inspired by Movement Culture and Ido Portal. I incorporate natural patterns which increase endorphins and counter the negative effects of sitting.  Each class consists of circuits with progressive movements on 3 levels. This makes Dynamic Power accessible to everybody. Students mention feeling lit up after class because of the rinsing, or detoxifying of the spine, and this is something that you won’t find in any other class.

How is Dynamic Power different than any other workout you’ve ever tried?

~In DP, we practice movements you’ll use your entire life. You learn how to get up from the ground and rotate your spine efficiently. There are complex movements available for all levels. Classes are designed with intelligence to help you move fast and strong at the same time. It’s dynamic because sometimes movements are ballistic and explosive. Other times they are isolated and controlled. This dynamic approach gives the student an ability to perform on all levels.

How would you recommend using Dynamic Power to cross train for running and cycling?

~When you’re running or cycling outside, you don’t twist or rotate your spine, which is the most important focus in DP. This class helps to balance the striking motion in running with intentional and resilience building exercises for your joints. Continue to do these hobbies you love outside, and also think about how much better you’ll do them with more mobility, strength, and explosive power.

As a yogi and dancer, who shies away from classes like APT and CrossFit, why is Dynamic Power be a great alternative for strength training?

~DP builds strength you won’t get in dance or yoga. Squats and deadlifts can bore dancers because there’s no depth or expression. This class is for those who crave intelligent, mindful movement. There is a fluidity and flow in DP that resonates with those who gravitate towards dance and yoga classes.

What kind of physical results should you expect from attending Dynamic Power regularly?

~You’ll experience a new connection and presence with movement patterns. DP builds defined glutes and hamstrings (#bootygoals).  DP regulars have a more controlled range of motion and explosive power. Students build core strength based on function rather than vanity. The best part is feeling lit up because you’re doing movements your body craves.

Why is your music so amazing and motivating? How do you incorporate your bomb ass music into Dynamic Power?

~This is my secret sauce. When planning DP classes, I’m usually behind turntables practicing movement patterns and mixing music. I use a lot of drum beats with heavy base, plus hip hop. You’ll hear Afro and Caribbean music with a variety of drums and tones which helps to align the chakras. The music in DP supports you in feeling uplifted.

What message do you have for anyone still wondering if Dynamic Power is right for them?

~DP is a one-of-a-kind workout offered in the Twin Cities. It works your brain as well as your body. Using your cognitive and physical functions together has a significant benefit in the brain cells. In DP, the physical and the mental work together as one. Class is taught on 3 different levels, so anyone can come in and have a beginner option.

When can we take Dynamic Power at The FIRM?

Dynamic Power is offered on Saturdays at 10am. Come in and try it out at any level. I offer small group trainings that expand on concepts in Dynamic Power, as well as 1:1 training sessions using a similar mindset. Stay tuned for regularly offered intro to DP classes!

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