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You don’t have to do it alone – Personalized Training might be right for you

When it comes down to it, humans generally want the same 3 things. We want to be seen as we really are, held by someone, and known as we really are. Sadly, what often gets in the way of these important core desires is your physical appearance.

You know that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. But the way you look, and more importantly, the way you feel about how you look can greatly impact your relationships and quality of life.

And isn’t that why you make an effort to workout and eat a balanced diet? Even with the best intentions, it can be challenging to stick with your health and fitness goals. It’s especially difficult without direction and accountability. Truth is, some of us have no problem with this and the rest of us simply aren’t as disciplined.

This is where personal training comes in. Whether your goal is to kickstart a fitness regimen, lose weight, get in shape for a special event or  just feel better, The Firm has a dedicated team of trainers here to assist you in meeting your objective.

So what exactly IS personal training? PT is a customized program designed to meet the client’s goals. Your trainer spends time assessing your needs and physical abilities to create a personalized program. Our team utilizes multiple disciplines and techniques based on their certifications and background. A personal trainer is a guide, coach and cheerleader who will hold you accountable in your health and fitness journey.

You may be wondering how long it takes to get results in personal training. Depending on your commitment, it typically takes 4-12 weeks to give yourself the best opportunity for marked progress. Clients get the fastest results when they fulfill their part with nutrition and activity outside of the training sessions. We suggest utilizing the InBody assessment for body fat testing every 4 weeks. The great news is that most people are texting their trainer after just one session because they feel a noticeable difference in their energy and mood.

How can you guarantee success in your PT sessions? It starts with showing up on time with an open mind. After that, you must be willing to dig deep and lock your eyes on a goal. Having honest communication with your trainer allows for increased mental and emotional growth. You must trust that your personal trainer has your best interest in mind. Most importantly, consistency and a willingness to do work outside of training like staying active and eating properly.

When starting out, our trainers suggest committing to at least 2 sessions per week. This keeps you accountable. You can build over time as goals are met, creating new opportunities for growth. Depending on your timeline and budget, you can supplement personal training sessions with small group training and/or group classes.

Small group training is another great option for fast tracking your health and fitness goals. Though 1:1 training typically gets better results because you get more accountability and attention, small group training tends to be more affordable and a great option for maintenance. Small groups are usually 4-10 people performing similar movements together which creates an element of motivation you may thrive off of. If you prefer your training time to be more private and specifically planned for you, then personal training is the best route to go.

There are endless benefits gained from regular PT sessions. People remark feeling more confident going to group classes and the weightroom by themselves. They notice greater endurance and strength. We hear stories of improved relationships because clients become intimate with their partners again. Almost all PT clients have increased self-esteem, mental clarity, overall energy and better sleep.

Your investment in personal training will cost you time and money. However, with PT, the investment has a return that is measured beyond the scale and barbell. This is an hour just for you. That alone is priceless. For these reasons, you can’t put a number on personal training. It’s based on the experience and how it impacts the rest of your life.

We asked some of our experienced trainers about the best success story they’ve witnessed and supported in their careers. Here’s what they said:

“I work one-on-one with junior tennis players. We focus on footwork, muscle conditioning and mental game. I have worked with one student in particular who recently won a tournament and came up to tell me specifically that they felt their edge was their fitness because they worked with me.” -Lori Fhima

“One of my clients lost over 120 pounds. That was the best feeling…for both of us!” – Joe Berg

“After a successful battle with colon cancer and chemotherapy treatment in 2006-2007, surviving a stroke in November in 2009 and consequently being diagnosed with Lupus, I knew I had to make life changes. Because of the Lupus, I was on many medications including autoimmune suppressants, blood thinners, cholesterol meds and steroids.

 All my life, I was an athlete and played volleyball at a D1 level through college. I worked out regularly since graduating and saw myself as active and fit. At this point, I felt as if my body had betrayed me. I felt lost  because I did not know this body anymore. One day I decided exercise was the answer. It had always been a positive in my life.

 I started Firm Fit in October of 2009. Firm Fit is an 8-week intensive program that includes cardio and strength training, in addition to nutritional coaching. My goal was to literally train my body to be well and to train my mind to trust my body again. 

TJ was my trainer. He helped me realize that my body was able to perform with correct mechanics and fuel. That was almost 10 years ago. I have worked out a few times a week with TJ ever since, and 5-6 times a week total. 

The results have been incredible! I lost 17 lbs and gained significant muscle. I feel strong and well. But, I had no idea the huge surprise gifts I would get by training regularly and following TJ’s advice about food that inspires gut health and also eliminating food that causes inflammation responses in our bodies. 

Today, I am off cholesterol medication AND steroids. My other medication dosing has been reduced by over 50%. Plus my inflammation markers (routine blood test for Lupus which measures inflammation) are within normal range. I finally trust my body again. 

TJ combines his knowledge of fitness, mobility and nutrition into a program that creates individual results based on goals. He shares great insights about preventing injury, increasing mobility, and providing fuel for my body to work well, and  also to heal. 

I believe TJ saved my life. I highly recommend TJ McNiff.” –Ann Myers (a beloved client)

“I have been training with LVB twice a week for almost 10 years.  I have become stronger, increased my lean muscle mass, improved my stamina and endurance. I have done things 10 years ago that I didn’t believe my body was capable of.  I am more fit and stronger than I was in my 20’s and 30’s.  Laura challenges and teaches me on so many different levels.  In addition, I have learned so much about nutrition, mobility and muscle recovery.  She keeps me accountable to myself and motivates me to want to keep going and not give up.” -Melissa Berezovsky (PT client of Laura Van Bellinger)

Did this article resonate with your personal struggles? Remember: You are not alone. There are many passionate trainers at The Firm who are ready to help you reach your health and fitness goals. THIS is the sign you’ve been looking for. NOW is the time to make the commitment to yourself. You deserve to be seen, held and known as the wonderful and beautiful person you know yourself to be.

Take action today, click here to meet Kelly and request next steps. (or call 612-377-3003 )

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