Get to know Rita, the founder of So Good So You and Enter the Self-Love Givewaway

Rita Katona, a former instructor at The FIRM is also the founder of So Good So You – an award winning wellness company. Get to know her a bit in this short interview. At the end, you can enter your name and email to win a free year of FIRM on Demand plus 2 months worth of beauty and energy shots.

Rita, tell us a bit about how you got involved with The FIRM?

The FIRM was the first gym I went to when I moved to the Twin Cities in 2007 and it was love at first class — Saturday Step Class with Doug Melroe. He walked up to me beforehand and said something like, “Do you think you’re ready for this?” and I said, “of course!” But nothing can prepare you for your first class with Doug!

I was already a group fitness instructor and a total fitness junkie and I felt like I had found my new home. I ended up going through yoga teacher training and being pulled into the yoga world in a big way. But all things come full circle, and I eventually made my way back to the FIRM in 2018 to teach yoga and barre.

What inspires you most as an entrepreneur?

I’m most inspired by the ability to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. As the leader and builder of a company, you have a tremendous responsibility to do good where you can. I see the success of our company as an indicator that we are helping more people live healthier lives, and creating opportunities for growth and success within our company for the incredible individuals building this with us.

What advice do you have for people wanting to increase their self-love?

Everything starts with you. The saying is true, “secure your own oxygen mask first before assisting others”  – you can’t help anyone if you pass out first! Self-love is essential for us to maximize our contributions to the world. When we have a healthy sense of self-worth, acceptance, and self-love, we show up as our brightest and most inspiring selves. Drop the guilt about taking time for your _______ (workout, meditation, facial, massage, bath, day-off, etc.) and look at it as the essential battery re-charge even your coolest tech device needs. What’s cooler is that we are self-charging – we just need to make sure to regularly do the things that fill us back up to 100%.


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