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Let me start by saying that FIRM FIT is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. And that is saying something because I thought (and still do) that I generally treat myself pretty well – I rarely suffer from working too many hours, or sacrificing my own happiness or health for others, and I have a lot of fun. And yet, I often felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I battled with myself over eating habits and workout habits and how I felt in my clothes. So I figured what the heck, I’ll try something more intense than my usual resolve to try to eat better and go to the gym more regularly, I’ll join FIRM FIT.
My biggest concerns were how to figure out the food, and could I even begin to cope with getting up and working out at 6:00AM (!) six days a week, and ultimately would it be worth the investment in the end or were my expectations too high. Honestly, none of these concerns were that big of a deal in the end. Here’s why: there is so much support. FIRM FIT provides you with a whole group of other people getting to the gym at 6:00AM to work hard and who are just as amazed as you are that you’re actually doing this. The camaraderie is awesome. And of course there is THE FIRM team! Everyone – from the front desk staff, to the dedicated trainers, to Neil reading and evaluating every last thing you put in your mouth – is there to help you and talk you through the ‘why’ of what you’re doing and to answer all your questions. (I can still drink vodka sodas, right?)
As for my biggest concerns this is what I found out: It turns out that getting up at 5:30AM doesn’t make me any more grumpy than getting up at 7:30AM, but on the other hand getting in time for myself before going to work – not just to work out, but to see new friends and laugh – makes me feel great. Eating right, that takes work, but the better energy and vitality is so worth it. The biggest key for me was absolutely throwing myself into ‘the experiment’ as I called FIRM FIT. I tried to stick to the food recommendations as closely as possible. When asked to cut dairy, I cut dairy (under protest, and yet I haven’t looked back). No to peanut butter and tortillas. Yes to lots of simple, homemade snacks and good meat and fresh food. I do still drink vodka sodas, and the occasional beer or three (yes to free day!). Ultimately planning and preparation for the week ahead was, and still is, critical to being able to eat the right food as often as possible. And I learned that eating the right food is critical to seeing and feeling a real change physically.
As for my expectations, they have all been met and more. I learned a lot about nutrition, and different ways to think about my workout, and how to explain to people why I spend so much time thinking about what I eat and why exercise is important to me (it’s all about putting rocks in a jar and not being a frog). I continue to eat as ‘clean’ as possible and I get up and I go to the gym and I work hard- because if you’ve gotten up at 5:30AM every morning to go to the gym and work hard for the last 8 weeks and you are seeing your body change shape and your clothes fit better – and you feel so damn good – why stop?
My changes since doing FIRM FIT:
  • Lost 18 pounds of fat
  • Body Fat % changed from 28% – 16%
  • -1.50″ in the waist
  • -4.5″ in the abs
  • -4.0″ in hips
    – Kim

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