Kaylee lost 40lbs. with FIRM FIT

As a recovering D1 collegiate athlete, you would think that health and fitness would come natural to me as that is all I knew for the first 22 years of my life. But once I stopped playing Field Hockey at Northwestern University, where I studied Communications and Business, I struggled with good food choices and finding the right workouts. From the time I finished my master’s program at The Medill School at Northwestern University and moved out to Minneapolis for a marketing job at General Mills, I had started to put on some weight. Over the past five years, I gradually gained and lost and gained- I was up about 35 pounds.
I knew that losing weight was going to be a struggle for me. My sophomore year of college I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and some of the symptoms are the inability to lose weight, ease of putting weight on and craving of carbs. 1 in 10 women suffer from PCOS, the majority of which don’t even know it!
I joined The Firm over a year ago, when a friend dragged me to an APT class. I instantly fell in love. The spin classes, circuit training classes, and kickboxing- I was never going to be bored. But even going to The Firm 4-5x a week, I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. I felt like I tried everything- I was gluten free, on Weight Watchers, trying random clean eating challenges, but nothing stuck (except the fat). In fact, I kept gaining weight throughout all this. And that is because I was not committed to the full spectrum of a healthy lifestyle: food, exercise and emotional/mental wellness. Insert Firm FIT.
I had been seeing The Firm FIT emails and transformation photos for quite some time. I always thought to myself “I can do that on my own” or “not right now.” In January, one of the emails stuck. I had just lost about 15 pounds in the past 3 months but couldn’t seem to lose anymore. I called Neil and decided to go for it. Going in for the pre-assessment was one of the scariest things- and I did the skin caliper and bod pod tests all the time in college. But I knew my results were going to be different. Even though my medical records classified me as clinically obese, I needed (read: I made) TJ to tell me that after my assessment to further cement my decision to do this program. Signing up was the best decision of my life.
My results over my 8-week Firm FIT program were better than I ever expected. I lost 15 pounds (22% change, down 30 pounds total), lowered my body fat % by 0.05, increased lean muscle mass by 8%, and lost 7.5 inches from my waist/abdomen/thighs/hips. As good as those numbers are, the changes I feel within me can’t even compare. I went down two cup sizes (which is a good thing, trust me), 2 pant sizes, and can fit into my old clothes I haven’t worn in years. Better than that are all the life lessons I learned, that I am going to carry with me forever.
  • Waking up early to workout gives you more energy, not less. I wake up at 5:15am and feel strong and awake until it is time for bed.
  • Paleo is the way to eat and impacts so much more than just your weight. My skin is clear and bright and I have never gotten so many compliments on it!
  • Prioritize yourself, don’t overcommit yourself. Between a full-time job, happy hours, coaching, going out to dinner- I never had any time to myself. It is amazing what happens when you put your health and wellness first and let everything else fall secondary (if at all).
  • Support is the key to this program. Without my fellow Firm FITters, I might not have stuck it out. Between the group texts, bonding over new recipes, early Saturday mornings, and the insanely supportive instructors, this program and its people have your back 100%. I had more fun in this program than I have on any vacation. It also helped to have a wildly supportive girlfriend keeping me accountable for the 162 hours I wasn’t at The Firm each week.
I needed a reset. I wasn’t living my life the way I needed to. Because of Firm FIT, I am a happier, leaner, stronger, fitter, nicer, more motivated person than I was before. It is amazing what changes you will see in every aspect of your life when you eat clean, exercise smart, and maintain a balanced lifestyle.
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See Kaylee’s Results
Lost 40 lbs. of fat
Lost 7.5″ in waist, abs, hips
Body fat % change -15.5%
Lean mass % change + 8%
Down two pant sizes


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