How did Firm FIT get started? Next session starts October 17th, 2020

Why did The FIRM create the Firm FIT Program?
I had unlimited access to a fitness facility yet, I kept getting fatter. When I asked what I should do about it I got different answers. If I asked a cardio instructor I was told do more cardio, if asked strength coach I was told to lift more, if I asked a dietitian I was told to do a cleanse and when I asked my grandma, who smoked two packs a day, I was told not worry about it “you look good chubby”.
The bottom line, I not only needed to find the answers, I needed to know what questions to ask in order to get the food, cardio, strength and mobility pieces to be aligned with my personal goals and physical condition.
Let’s put all the pieces to the puzzle in one package
In 2003, we put together a team of people with expertise and education in the areas of cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and mobility. Then we added guidance from nutritionist, and we put together the first Firm FIT session. That was 16 years ago and 900 clients later.
Since that time, as the client needs have changed, the program has evolved. What was once food and workout solutions has now grown to include overall wellness needs. Using technology for body fat testing and occasionally blood panels, we can configure the program more precisely to unique situations. This allows us to answer questions like, how many calories do I need in a day? What percent of my food should be carbohydrates, protein and fat? How does food impact hormone levels? What impact does sleep, stress, alcohol have on my health and ability to lose weight? When do I really need to eat organic food and when is it not that big of a deal?  Then of course questions around how to workout based on your goals and physical condition. Lastly, there needs to be a knowledge transfer so you so can manage your fitness, health and wellness long-term. Forever.
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“If the food at Whole Foods Market is so healthy, why aren’t all their customers lean and fit?”
Top 10 Reasons to do FIRM FIT
  1. Structure: 6 days a week, one hour a day. Long enough to break bad habits and build a new and healthy routine that is sustainable.
  2. Accountability: You have people dedicated to helping you stay on track. You have a personal trainer, a cardio and mobility trainer, a meal coach, desk staff plus other people in the program with you
  3. Education: Armed with knowledge, you can make healthy decisions forever.
  4. Community: You are not in this alone. A fun group of people will be doing this with you.
  5. Fun: Yes, eating healthy and working out can be fun. We will show you.
  6. Health: Overall health and wellness for years to come.
  7. Lose Fat: Everyone going through FIRM FIT will lose fat.
  8. Gain Muscle:  Everyone going through FIRM FIT will get stronger.
  9. Sleep Better: Sleep is a huge part of being healthy. In FIRM FIT, we will learn how food impacts our sleep
  10. More Energy: No explanation needed

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