Dr. Mathew's FIRM FIT Story

Dr. Mathew’s Results:

  • Lost 16 lbs. of fat
  • Lost 3.0″ in waist
  • Body fat % change -22%
  • Lean mass % change + 10%
  • Had to buy smaller clothes

What were your motivations for doing Firm FIT?

Dr. Matthew: “Six months before my wedding, I was probably the heaviest and most out-of-shape I have been in. I had just returned from a vacation in the Caribbean and I dreaded going to the pool or to the beach lest my friends see me shirtless. I was desperate, knowing that needed to do something drastic, and it needed to happen now. I didn’t want to have that feeling of disappointment when looking back at my wedding pictures and only thinking of how fat I was, instead of all the other emotions you should be feeling when looking at pictures from your own wedding. In the recent past, I tried (and failed) several different diets and self-guided workout programs, so I knew I needed something regimented and intense. I had heard of The Firm when I first moved to Minneapolis and decided to check

Mathew Testimonial Continued

We left off with Matthew in his first session, when he was starting to get used to 6 AM workouts and keeping track of the food he was eating. As Matthew started his second session with us at The Firm, he started to notice some changes in his daily habits.

Matthew: “How I think about food and how to get the proper balance of macronutrients was one of the biggest daily changes that I made. As someone who grew up in the non-fat craze of the 90’s, it was difficult to change this way of thinking. After recording and scrutinizing your food choices for six months, it’s now become almost second nature to look at something I want to eat and determine if this would be a good choice or not (and if it wasn’t going to be a good choice, would it be worth it).”

Matthew began understanding how to use food for fuel and making his choices part of his lifestyle. In tandem with making great choices, he was able to increase the intensity of his workouts! In his training sessions he noticed when to correct his form the same time his trainer, Kyle did. He became more confident in the way he moved, and his body awareness grew exponentially! As he embarked on his third FIT, Matthew was more aware of his body, the food (fuel) he put in it, and began dropping weight and feeling very strong.

He got more and more lean and had to shop after each FIT for smaller clothes.





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