Doug Melroe

Our fearless leader, zero body fat guru and King of Queens. This is not a class – it is a performance. Costumes, crowds, queens and an absolutely ass-kicking workout have made him the star of the Minneapolis GLBT Pride Parade and the heart and soul of the FIRM.

Doug Melroe instructs the following:
  • Barre
  • When I was little I remember going to Ballet class every Saturday morning. Mom would have to drag me to class, up a steep and very narrow stairway and the old lady teacher that smelled like cigarettes and coffee, would put us all in a line against the wall and where we would hang on to “The Barre” while we practiced Plie’s in different positions and the crotch of my tights would always be sagging to my knees. I hated it, I was never going to be a dancer.

    So yesterday when my favorite Yoga instructor said “We are going to go to The Barre” I hoped she was talking about drinks, but once I realized what she meant, I got nervous and remembered those positions that my feet were never be able to do from when I was a kid and hoped she wasn’t going to make us do “Ballet”

    It wasn’t “Ballet” at all but strength training moves that kicked my ass, but also made sense to me. Maybe it’s because I am older and wiser about my body now and I know how it feels when I am really strengthening my body and getting stronger, or maybe it’s because I have better yoga pants now, whatever the reason, I feel longer and stronger and my yoga practice has gotten better too. We worked glutes, quads, calves, arms and even abs and not once did I feel like I was back in ballet class.

    So do not be afraid of The Barre, it’s a whole new Barre than the one from Ballet class. It’s a little Yoga, a little Pilates and a whole lot of strength training. After any of the Barre classes, Yoga/Barre or Pilates/Barre, my body feels so much smarter, if that makes any sense….and then I go to a real bar.

  • Circuit Training
  • We at the Firm understand that there is more to life than working out. There are a jillion other things that need to be done ASAP. You’re busy. No, you’re SUPER busy. Or you’re not busy, per se, you’ve just got other places you’d rather be, other things you’d rather be doing. We totally get that. People are pulling you in all directions, and you’d love to use that as an excuse to skip your workout, but you’re getting squishy. Or you’re getting antsy. Perhaps you’re getting very, very grumpy. All sorts of bad things happen when you fail to check “workout” off of your “to do” list.

    Let’s say you’ve only got one hour to work out, so you need to use that time as effectively as possible. Your workout regimen should include cardiovascular training, muscle toning, and stretching: Cardio has all that, and gets you in and out in an hour. The class is athletic-driven, and incorporates sports drills, calisthenics, weights and resistance tubes to push muscles to fatigue, and also includes ab work and stretching. Class ends with ab work and stretching. Burn fat and tone your entire body, and still be on time to your meeting, or date, or piano lesson, or talk show, or wherever life leads you..

    And anyway, eventually you’ll enjoy yourself so much you will look forward to checking “workout” off your daily to-do list!

  • Step
  • Step is alright, I guess. I mean it’s fine if you like the type of class where the instructor occasionally wears costumes, and even when he’s not in costume he’s so unbelievably glamorous he looks like he’s from another planet. It’ll pass if you’re interested in the style of instructor who works so hard in class you think his skeleton is going to come apart. It’s okay if you are into the kind of scene that makes you feel like you’ve dropped acid and then been dropped into the center of a Broadway musical comedy about aerobics, directed by David LaChappelle and starring Gwen Stefani with choreography by David Fosse and Janet Jackson’s lovechild. It’ll do in a pinch for those who want to beg for mercy while they turn and twirl and feel pretty, oh so pretty. And kind of dirty.But don’t take it from me. Take it from the people who have written about it, take it from the countless hotties with rock-hard thighs who come to every class and say that the hour flies by. Take it from the folks who come to class to see the costumes and antics and the dirty jokes, but stay for the butt-kicking workout, and leave drenched in sweat and laughing their asses off. You’ll wish your brain had TiVo, because about half the jokes will leave you asking, “Did he just say what I think he said?”

  • Yoga
  • When it comes to Yoga at The Firm, we got lots of options. Yoga, Yoga Barre and Yoga Weights. So whatever gets your Chi flowing we got ya covered!

    All of our Yoga classes are taught in our brand new heated yoga studio, for the record, I said “Heated Yoga” and not “Hot Yoga”, which means we keep our temp, ( around 85-95 degrees) which is less than a traditional Bikram Yoga class. But plan on getting sweaty anyway.

    The Firm has 7 Yoga instructors that bring over 34 years of combined Yoga Teaching experience whose certifications include 500 Hour+ E-RYT Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher and National Educator, Certified Astanga, Bikram and Power Vinyasa, Hatha, Reiki Master, and CorePower L1, In a Firm Yoga class (Y) we teach Vinyasa or Power Yoga, which is a continual flow of Hatha yoga poses to create internal heat in your body, which in turn produces a cleansing and detoxifying effect. It’s intense, educational and vigorous. There is no chanting, no sage-burning, no angry militant instructors. There is an emphasis on breath, strength, stamina and flexibility. You will find your core strength, eventually be able to lift your own body weight, challenge your flexibility and balance, work on inversions (which are cheaper and better for you than Botox or plastic surgery), and learn meditation and breathing techniques to help you in a stressful world.

    In Firm Yoga Barre (YB) or Firm Yoga Weights (YW) each class is different, you might use hand weights or the ballet bar, but they all integrate variations on standing series, balancing series, floor work, core-strengthening, and tons ofglute andbutt work. These classes are designed to make your muscles longer and stronger while the yoga portion improves your flexibility. You will have a great workout in all of these classes but not feel like you got run over by a dump truck afterwards….maybe just a Prius. If you want a pure Barre class check out the description for Barre.

    At The Firm we want you to relax and focus on your practice not logistics, this starts with The Firm’s easy freeway access, plenty of free parking, lots of showers, full juice bar, and convenient Yoga Classes in Downtown Minneapolis. We also schedule many of The Firm Yoga Classes and Yoga Barre or Yoga Weights classes to be sandwich between other classes so you can take an awesome spin class or cardio training and then a yoga class afterwards. Easy as Savasana. Namaste.